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SilentLog Analytics SDK

サイレントログ・アナリティクス SDK

"SilentLog SDK" is an engine for location data collection that enables low energy consumption and high density location information acquisition by incorporating it into existing mobile applications. The proprietary technology utilizing various sensor data installed in the smartphone enables acquisition of location information in seconds, while reducing battery consumption to an average of 3% per day.

SilentLog SDK

SilentLog  SDK Download

SilentLog  SDK Download


Get precise location information at intervals of once every 5 seconds

By acquiring detailed location information, it becomes possible to analyze the user's detailed movement and its purpose that can not be seen from conventional location information.

Battery consumption on average 3% per day

We reduce "consumption of battery" becoming problem at the time of position information acquisition to 3% a day on average with original technology. We can provide app users with a user experience using location information without burden.

Data is also acquired from sensors mounted on smartphones

Data acquisition from various sensors analyzes the "movement" of the user. The type of user's stay, walk, train, car, etc. can also be estimated by sensor data.

Push notification utilizing location information

It is possible to deliver information from existing mobile applications based on location information obtained from the SDK and estimated user movement types

Utilization of other functions

Tools for visualizing acquired location information and game functions using the location information (walk rally function) can also be used as one of the user experiences

Flow of Introduction



Please fill in the required items on the SDK download page and apply



When you click the "download" button on the form content confirmation screen, the SDK is automatically downloaded to your PC. After that, our sales representative will contact you within 2 business days for the information required to use the SDK, be patient.



One month from DL is a trial (free) period. ※ You can not use when it exceeds 1 month.



If the trial period is over and you want to consider using this service, you can contact us once and use it according to the contract procedure.

SilentLog SDK

SilentLog  SDK ダウンロード

SilentLog  SDK ダウンロード

Case Study


A life log application that automatically records users' movement measure, routes, and steps by only bringing iPhone, and collects photos taken in a day.

Available iOS: iOS 8.0 or higher

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